Pioneer manufactures low profile tamper proof, totally integrated pad-mounted mini substations, called Unitized Pad Mounts up to 5 MVA at 34,5 kV. These units are used at commercial and industrial sites (wind farms, shopping centers, office complexes, factories, hospitals, etc.) They have an aesthetic appearance, thus avoiding the necessity of fences and overhead electrical structures. Any end user buying power at the primary voltage level or owning and operating their own HV distribution system, should consider the unitized pad mounted transformer.

The design eliminates hot sticks so that non-utility personnel can switch off the unit. Inside the compartment an external load break switch on the HV side can be checked through a viewing window to see if the blades are in the open or closed position. A mechanical interlock system prevents access to the fuse compartment unless the load break switch is in the open position. All units comply either with the latest CSA or IEEE standards.

Optional features

  • 55/65° C temperature rise
  • Provision for future or with fan cooling package
  • High fire point liquid : FR3, Silicone or Beta Fluid
  • Fusing on the primary side
  • Shunt trip coil
  • Surge/lightning arrestors
  • Dial type thermometer
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge with bleeder
  • Pressure relief device
  • Gauges furnished with alarm contacts
  • Key interlocks
  • Secondary current transformers
  • Secondary molded case breakers
  • Secondary metering compartment

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